Meex International sources API Integral and welded Heavy weight drill pipes, drill stem components, Composite filter screens ...

  •  Wellheads

  • Casing Heads.

  • Intermediate Spool.

  • Tubing Heads Spool.

  • Head Adapters.

  • Casing hangers.

  • Tubing Hangers

  • Christmas Trees.

  • Drill Collars, Integral and

  • Heavy weight drill pipe.

  • Integral Spiral

  • Blade Stabilizers.

  • Wellhead components: Tees,crosses, Seal subs,

  • Valve removal plugs,

  • Flow tees,Goat Heads,

  • Bottom hole Test Adapters.

Pumps are an integral part of any industry and standard continuous monitoring increases pump reliability and significantly reduce energy costs. Larger and robust ...


MeeX International caters a series of standard engineered valves to various industries where reliability is a must. We provide valves which can sustain high cycles...

MeeX International caters to

• Stimulation Chemicals -LCF

• Drilling Fluid Chemicals           and Additives.

• Cementing Chemicals.

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