Green is the next big Tidal wave

MeeX International as one of the future business leaders is focused on creating an awareness on the carbon reduction in the world by investing in sustainable and eco-friendly projects in the US Subdivisions/neighborhood and small business owners/shopping mall, and subsequently making audacious initiatives in conservation and environment protection. Dependence on energy saving, recyclable and cost-effective solutions are the key to furnishing these needs in the future. Going Green is the next business tidal wave.


          Pollution is a common factor in cities and now in a rural area as well. Wind is one source of energy that is prevalent in most areas of the world and Solar power and power production from wind is an alternative as it  is a renewable and infinite resource and is  free of any emissions, including carbon dioxide (greenhouse gas) and   free resource after capital cost of installation (excluding maintenance) and finally last but not the least promotes valuable tax breaks.

MeeX International’s goal is to light the streets of US cities and rural/parks with wind-solar hybrid lighting systems that are self-sufficient, standalone lighting solutions that do not require the construction of costly main grids electricity supply infrastructure not the burden of their association operating expenses. This system will reduce the annual maintenance cost for every housing authority of each subdivision and will enhance security and safety.